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Who we are

At Horizont, we continuously evolve and adapt our development process to align with our client’s vision.
From developing the first Proof-of-Concept (POC) to becoming an enterprise-ready business, we help our clients with building the MVP and avoid technical traps common amongst early-stage startups.
We build web applications, blockchain protocol, mobile app applications, custom content management systems (CMS), Database Driven applications & eCommerce applications.
At Horizont, we focus on building a product tailored to business requirements, so you can focus on growing your business successfully.
Clients aiming to evolve their business propositions & solve problems with cutting edge technology: from Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain Development;‏‏‎ ‎‎‎from CyberSecurity to Data Analysis Automation.
We have a passion for developing black box technology and strive to bring our customers innovative products that meet their demands.

Your job
As our Frontend Developer, you're going to play a strong role in working on platform and product development. As a multi-faceted developer, you also have a good understanding of how to implement good design principles.
As a proactive developer in the team, you'll help introduce new technologies and help us in achieving our goals.
While you're able to work autonomously, we're also looking for someone who relishes the opportunity to work as part of a talented team.

Your profile
Experience in React.js and React Native.
Being able to build responsive and difficult designs.
Your code is clear and easy to read.
Natural collaboration skills and an enjoyment of group projects.
Confident using APIs
Eager to learn

Employment Type
Permanent - Remote

Did we get your attention? Send us your CV at dv@horizontlabs.com