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  1. Standart Global Prequalification Announcement_World Vision International

    World Vision International Supply Chain Centre of Excellence & Disaster Management Logistics teams are inviting potential suppliers; which are strong and highly regarded within the industry to participate in the Pre-Qualification process for the following categories:
    • Relief Non-Food Items: (Family Kits, Blankets, Basins, Jerry Cans…)
    • Tele Communication Equipment (SAT Phones, Sim cards, battery...)
    • Shipping Agent / Logistics service providers
    • Money transfers Service providers

    All well-reputed and established companies and service providers having the strong financial background, a valid tax number, and sound experience in the above-mentioned service are invited to apply for participation in the Pre-Qualification Process.
    The supplier should clarify the main information as per the attached sheet (Checklist sheet attached) in his response which must be filled.
    Interested parties should submit the below-enlisted pre-qualification documents by the end of the 26th of Oct 2022 with the Subject of the email to be: Suppliers Prequalification process – ( area of expertise)
    Example: Suppliers Prequalification process - Relief Non-Food Items
    Please make sure to submit the following Documents:

    • Provide a certified copy of the business registration
    • Provide a certified copy of the tax registration
    • Please provide the ownership structure
    • Sign the Supplier Code of Conduct ( attached in the link)
    • Fill out and Pre-qualification Questionnaire (Vendor Registration Form attached in the link)
    • Any supporting documents as per the checklist replies.


    Submission of documents should be sent to the email of Global Supply Chain Advisor Asma Alzarieni: Asma_Alzarieni@wvi.org
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