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  1. Standart Tirane, ofroj vend pune Senior Python Developer

    Senior Python Developer-180,000 lek/month Neto

    About the job
    We're looking for a talented Python developer with good JavaScript skills to write the code for the products we have in the pipeline: For example a monitoring system for tunnel boring machines, or an analytics platform for real estate, or the Python backend of an app for renting skis in Swiss mountain resorts. You will be working very closely with the customer in Switzerland and have an impact on the features of the products we build.

    Soft Skills:

    • Open, positive, friendly personality
    • Smart, passionate about software development with a high motivation to deliver good quality.
    • Pragmatic problem-solving approach

    Hard Skills:

    • 3+ years experience with Python 3.7+ and Django
    • Knowledge of CSS
    • Familiar with tools like Jira, Docker, Gitlab or Github
    • VueJS, AngularJS, ReactJS or other modern ECMAScript6/JavaScript frameworks will be a plus
    • Linux and basic DevOps knowledge
    • Experienced in working in a team environment and good communication skills
    • Comfortable working in an environment with mature development structures like Scrum, Code Review, Unit testing.
    • Participating in open source projects or own projects is a plus
    • Cool GitHub profile is a plus
    • If you are a quick learner it is okay not to meet some of these requirements.

    Good English is required

    If you wish to apply please send your resume to the following email: