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  1. Standart Tirane, ofroj vend pune Senior Unity Game Developer 1000 EUR

    Senior Unity Game Developer

    Develop Unity tech. and games quickly and responsible for planning and implementing AR/VR projects, building the code from scratch, identifying bottlenecks, and ensuring the quality of the finished product. May also be required to build patches and install updates.


    • Strong C# skills,
    • Experience with Unity
    • Development in front and
    • Back end, and programming skills.
    • Identify issues with programming code.
    • Analytical skills to identify potential issues with a design plan.
    • Software Architectural design skills,
    • Strong teamwork skills and communication skills.


    • Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or similar field.
    • In-depth knowledge and experience working as a Unity3D Developer.
    • Knowledge of 3D development and integrated game physics.
    • Experience with AR/VR development, console and mobile game development.


    • Plan, research, and implement interactive functionality to client expectations,
    • Communicate with team to fully understand, plan, and implement feedback and feature requests,
    • Assist project owners in proposing interactive content,
    • Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable code,
    • Collaborate with Dev. Team,
    • Review code regularly,
    • Perform integration testing and work with QA,
    • Stay current on latest Unity and other 3D development platforms.

    Paga- 1000 EUR (NETO)
    Te gjithe te interesuarit te kontaktojne ne email (CV vetem ne gjuhen Angleze)