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from design to analytics to the co-sourcing of the processes themselves.
We help them becoming data-driven and therefore to collect, integrate and enrich their data resources, providing them with the right business analysis tools.
Job Description
Service Ability Audit is an analysis procedure for machines. This analysis takes place at the design stage of the vehicle, at a stage where more than 80% of the 3D assembly was built. The contact person (the person coordinating departmental work with the Service Ability Audit) sends emails with the materials that are needed to complete the analysis.

  1. DMU (Digital Mock Up). This assembly is sent to a .jt file. Due to the large size (usually 200 MB to 800 MB), a platform is used to distribute the material called Syncplicity. . .
  2. Milestone Concept Review. This is a PPT document which contains various information about project financial records, project objectives, content, time planning, technical details, comparisons with rivals, results of different tests, etc. .
  3. Template. All the analysis will be reflected in some standard templates of CNH INDUSTRIAL. There are 3 basic working papers, a detailed PPT, 1 Excel Summary, and 1 PPT Summary. Referral sends new templates only when changes have been made to this structure, in case there are no changes using previous templates. .
  4. Service Manual. This manual serves to better understand the location of the components in the vehicle as well as the component removal procedure

The 3D analysis software is SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer 9.0.


  • Study of 3D assembly of various projects in the field of automobile, mainly buses and trucks.
  • Consult various technical manuals to find out more about projects
  • Analysis of the components in relation to their position in the vehicle
  • Component Accessibility Analysis
  • Interpretation of analysis according to standards
  • Preparation of technical audit reports in Power Point and Excel

Tools Used:

  • SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author 9.0 (office training)
  • SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer 9.0 (office training)
  • JT2go (office training)
  • Excel end Power Point

The technical skills are related to the mastery of some general knowledge mainly in the field of engineering. This knowledge helps in understanding the materials you are going to analyze. In a vehicle, you have to do with a variety of systems like electric, mechanical and pneumatic. Knowledge of how home-based systems work also help develop your work better.
Experiences in a mechanical oficine or similar work related to mounting and dismantling can help you analyze the chronological flow of actions that are made to install or uninstall a component.

Hard skills
• Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics
• Experience with 3D programs (Autocad, Solidwork, etc.)
• Experience with technical drawings
• Good mechanical knowledge of cars
• Knowledge of English (optional Italian)

Soft skills
• Good operational autonomy
• Problem Solving
• Productive and flexible
• Passion for cars

We offer:
Very competitive salary
Free weekend

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