• Tirane, ofroj vend pune Programues

i2k Sh.p.k. is actively looking for a Java Developer. If it happens to be one please read below and send us something about yourself...

What you will really be doing:

- Code, code, code and more code :)
- Write documentation OF YOUR OWN CODE.
- Design flow charts and use cases of the requirements before you code.
- Write descriptions and logic as a complement to your code (comments).
- Participate on the daily team stand ups.
- Provide your own feedback on retrospectives, we don’t have a “finger pointing” mentality; we try to learn out of our own mistakes.
- Conduct code reviews. Participate in efficient and recyclable code :)
- Actively being involved on the project estimation and sprint planning.
- Design and implement using technologies that meets the project's expectations. Be prepared to heavily work with Spring Framework and not only.
- Pay emphasis on test driven development and aim on increasing test coverage.
- Take ownership of what you develop and actively be involved on production maintenance.
- Be opened to critics from testing engineers and QA. that will try to super-test your code and provide a positive feedback on how to meet the requirements.

Requirements, Expectations

- BSc or Master in Computer Science (Informatics) or any related field with application to OOP, Sata Structures and Algorithms.
- 1/2+ years of experience with JAVA.
- Medium (preferably strong) background in concurrency, multi threading and Socket I/O.
- Experience with test driven development and clean code principles.
- Proficient in OOP and design patterns.
- Working with high-availability, high-performance, scalable systems.
- Working with database systems and SQL.
- Strong communication skills in English, being able to collaborate with remote teams.
- An aptitude in enhancing your skills and researching into latest technologies.
- Measure your success by the success of your team.

Desired Skills

- Spring Framework knowledge gives you an excellent advantage.
- Experience with Rest, JDBC, JPS, MVC, Integration, Boot, Cloud.
- Experience with event based architectures using messaging technologies.
- Familiarity with Extreme Programming (XP).
- Experience with NoSQL such as MongoDB or Redis etc.
- Experience with Git.
- Software Engineering Life-cycle.
- Experience with AGILE / SCRUM development.
- Slack ;)

To succeed in this position, we expect you to have:

- Strong technical skills in Java.
- Experience working with web technologies (you should be comfortable with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, having made some minor fixes to a web site 5 years ago is not quite enough).
- Experience working directly with and not limited to different networks, different databases and a distributed system along with other fellow Programmers with particular preferences towards coding styles :)
- Good (problem-solving attitude not problem-emphasizing attitude) communication skills.
- Fluent verbal and written English.


- Is based on you previous experience and qualifications.
- Ability to re-evaluate year after year until a certain point by demonstrating results on your tasks.
- EoY bonus.

If anybody is interested should send us an email at elton dot ngjela at consis dot eu with your CV (preferably one page) and any live (not under NDA) project references that we can check. Let experience or your work do the talking ;) do not include irrelevant work not related to programming in your CV (please), do not add irrelevant information about believes (after the hiring based on your skill set you will have all the time to demonstrate that), do add your hobbies! If called for an interview be prepared for question around sofftware development, paradigms, algorithms and coding in general, an in-office exam, a take-home exam and bring all your questions you have for us!

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