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BWBalkans is searching for a NOC Support Technician (VoIP Sector)

BWB Shpk, a company that operates in the VoIP Wholesale market, is looking for a neo-graduates computer engineering as NOC Technical Support.

The resource will be responsible for providing support to Partners, testing, implementing new services and managing Trouble tickets of I and II levels.
All this work must be done with maximum reliability in order to ensure efficiency and Customer’s satisfaction.
The candidate will have a training period where the following goals must be achieved at the end of the selection:
· In-depth knowledge of SIP protocol and VoIP platforms
· Control and resolution of TroubleTickets
· Interconnections with the new Partners
· Traffic and reports analysis
· Management of customers/suppliers requirements
· Communication with the Technical and Commercial Team in order to identify opportunities and strategies to improve the service offered
· Defining carefully a problem and the possible solution, based on acquired knowledge

· Work experience in ITC (1-2 years)
· Bachelor or Master degree (or inprogress), in Informatics, Computer and Telecommunication Engineering
· Knowledge of TCP / IP Networking
· Experience with VoIP switches(PBX, Asterisk, Freeswitch, etc.)
· Experience with Operative System Server/Desktop Unix-based.
· Good knowledge of Italian and English languages (Written / Spoken)

· SIP protocol knowledge
· Immediate availability
· Cisco or similar certification

What Company offers:
• Trial and training period with the possibility of employment with an indefinite contract
• Full time job (Monday – Friday)
• For the first 3 months a fixed salary of 30,000 ALL + Bonuses related to group and individual performance. Within a year fixed salary goes to 50,000 ALL.

If you are interested to apply for this position, send your CV (in Italian or English) to: cv@bwbalkans.al