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• The role’s main purpose is to support NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) infrastructure Operation & Maintenance in accordance with the strategy and the goals of the domain, being accountable and responsible for maintenance, system integration and implementation. Particular technology focus on (but not restricted to) NVI (hypervisor and computing, storage, network - physical and virtual), remote access solutions, cloud, security, databases and backup solutions. Responsibility for handling the administration and management of the Windows Operating Systems and Services. Responsibility for administration of Centralized Backup services for the Technology estate. Responsibility for Administration of all Security related topics for the systems in scope like Hardening, Patching and Security system updates according to Vodafone Cyber Security minimum baseline
Key accountabilities and decision ownership
• Assist and take responsibility for the day to day activities that arise from within the support group and from MTX’s and Technology department.
• Assure system Hardening as per Vodafone
Security standards
• Assure Security patching of all systems in scope as per CyberSec requirements
• Assure Vulnerability fixing for all systems in scope according to Cyber Security Standard Baseline
• Generate and handle trouble reports with the equipment hardware and hypervisor software suppliers (e.g DELL, EMC, HPE , VMWare etc).
• Investigate and provide quick resolutions to complains raised by customers related to the Core Infrastructure.
• Investigate and solve accordingly to the predefined KPI complains raised by the customers.
• Investigate the problems escalated from other organisational units, find out solution to eliminate the faults and necessary escalate them to the supplier.
• Provide support out of working hours.
• Assist in Network Crisis Handling, take necessary actions and escalate appropriately.
• Monitor the cloud network infrastructure operating performance systems/indicators in order to detect possible problems on the network, and implement improvements in processes or corrective measures
• Perform and monitor the implementation of software upgrades.
• Assist in the monitoring of the Systems and ensure their effective operation though tools as HP-SIM, VROPS and Log Insight
• Ensure and control the execution of daily check and routine administration activities.
• Control and administer where necessary documentation and central library.
• Ensure the fulfilment of company standards for security and fraud issues.

Job Responsibility

• Documenting the information systems and ensure compliance with security policies
• To review and develop working practices in order to produce the most cost effective method.
• Supporting of Core nodes by Commissioning, Integration, Acceptance & Rollout phases to the NVI (Network Virtual Infrastructure).
• Train the new engineers of the team to acquire and improve the basic techniques for the management of the platforms.
• Be actively engaged in company’s planning processes including INTP, LRP & BCP and ensure the fulfilment of planned activities along the fiscal year.
• Responsible for administration of File Sharing services
• Responsible for Centralized Backup Platform Administration, Maintenance and Operations
• Responsible for supporting monitoring and tuning the database subsystems and instances (e.g Vcenter PSC , NSX etc).

Core competencies, knowledge and experience:
• Knowledge of recent technological developments, UMTS, LTE technologies.
• Particular knowledge of ITIL, Backup Platforms as EMC DataDomain, Veritas, Vmware VDP etc
• Deep knowledge on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
• Strong Knowledge of Vmware Vsphere 6.5, storage SAN, NAS and IP Networking including Distributed vSwitches, VLANs, VPN's, DNS, and Load-balancing.
• Experience on developing, maintaining policies, rights/security, for VMware vCenter environments including 5.5 and 6.x. as well as experience supporting and implement VMWare networking services (NSX)
• Windows Server systems administration
• Basic knowledge Data Base system administration (PostgreSQL, MySQL ect)
• Knowledge in scripting languages and power shell
• Be compliant with information security requirements
• Be sensitive on environmental issues
• Team working
Must have technical / professional qualifications:
• At least BSC degree in Telecommunication/Computer Engineering or similar
• 1-year engineering experience with wireless products.
• 2 Years’ experience with Backup products as EMC, Oracle, Veritas. VDP
• 2 Years of VMware virtualization technologies (e.g. ESXi, vCenter) including design, configuration, and implementation in large enterprise environments required.
• 3 Years’ Experience with Active Directory and/or LDAP systems
• Experience with network technologies, including VLANs, VxLAN, NATs and Virtual Switches preferred.
• Knowledge on Infrastructure Tiers (Compute. Storage, Networks Hypervisor, Operating Systems, Backup).
• Knowledge on Protocols and networking (Core Switching/Routing, SSL/IPSec, SAN Fabric, Virtualization)
• Knowledge and understanding of system flow charts, data processing concepts, and telecommunications principles
• Experience in Mobile Operation area
• Be customer oriented
• Be conscious of company’s assets and security issues

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