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Customer Finance Intern
Purpose of Position: To support both Revenue Assurance Team and System Operations Team on daily jobs and new projects during 2023.
Main Tasks:
  1. Validate data formatting, fields, decoders output, to make sure having accurate results from reconciliations of the controls at the end.
  2. Analyse large amounts of information to discover trends and patterns, undertaking data collection, pre-processing and analysis.
  3. Update or create new rules including creation of scripts and generation of reports as per work needs.
  4. Extraction of data flows from respective systems DWH/ SAP & Intellza, Switches – mobile and fix, Billing etc to RA DBMS.
  5. Building models to address business problems, presenting information using data visualization techniques.
  6. Collaborate with engineering and product development teams, to propose solutions and strategies to business challenges.
  7. Perform and/or assist with special ad hoc issues/projects as required by top management.
  8. Provide error free reports and documentation, maintain system documentation.
  9. Take initiative to improve/adapt or create new processes related to the dataflows accuracy, format adaptation, source generation for all data flows, systems and sources related to the internal department jobs.
Education: Business Information Systems, IT, or Informatics.
Experience: Having knowledge on data analytics, programming, experience with MSSQL/scripts, Oracle adds value, SPSS/Python knowledge adds value.
Skills: Very good communication and presentation skills; English Language proficiency, in both spoken and written. Self-initiative and able to learn fast.

Interested candidates should apply through: Job Detail | ONE
Deadline for the application is March 31[SUP]st[/SUP] 2023.

We will be glad to interview all candidates selected from the CV screening.