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Our company is looking for a DevOps Software Developer to join our team.

Support of infrastructure including Internet and networking services and the use of, and compliance with, corporate systems; Okta, LastPass, etc;
A commitment to high availability and high performance for all company products and processes;
Be a leader in representing best practices and forward thinking;
Build, manage, and troubleshoot an AWS cloud-based infrastructure on a regular basis; Kafka, Zookeeper, Cassandra, MongoDB, etc.

Demonstrated ability and exceptional skills in troubleshooting and identification of root cause issues;
Post-secondary degree in a computer related field;
In-depth knowledge of key performance metrics for complex, cloud-based systems, covering uptime, load, scalability, security, and overall performance;
Great communication and collaboration skills across business functions and teams;
Experience with a wide variety of systems management tools, both open source and commercial;
Expertise in the testing and deployment of complex software solutions in a cloud environment;
Experience with Docker and/or running containers in an orchestration framework; ECS, Kubernetes, etc;
2+ years in a software development and/or systems administration role;
Experience with and understanding of scripting and programming languages; Python, Go, etc.

CV and Desired Salary: