Senior ReactJS Developer
Create frontend architectures that allow maintainable development and efficiency.
Austrian company is hiring ReactJS Senior Developers to lead their digital product developing frontend teams and improve their technological delivery.
The company is currently setting up a second office in Tirana, Albania.
You will take an important part in setting up our best practices in Tirana with other senior developers in making architectural decisions for all teams,
being responsible for the smooth development in an existing team (remote and sometimes on sight) and being the person that shows the customers development teams how they can improve and deliver better quality.

Because this is a new office opening this will be the structure for setup:
  • You will spend time with us in Vienna working in existing teams to understand the mode of operation as well as the spirit of the company.
  • You work closely with UX/UI and other stakeholders on structures, that allow clear communication for requirements and delivery procedures. Communication is the key and we all know it works best when design and development go hand in hand. There will be a travel route between Tirana and Vienna so that important things can be discussed in person, but we all love to know what we are doing at any point.

About the job:
Frontend Development is structured in independent teams. Currently the company has 40+ people employed in Vienna, that work on projects with various levels of complexity.
There are smaller projects developed by a single person and there are projects where 100+ developers work with well defined processes.

The Technology you will be working with:
  • You will work on Javascript with the ReactJS Frontend Framework. We assume you are highly experienced in the whole ecosystem and know what you are doing.
  • You think about processes, architectures and what we can do to deliver high end software.
  • Work with stakeholders on frontend decisions and requirements. You tell them what to do on a technical level and consult their teams to make the right choices.

About you
  • You are highly experienced in ReactJS and have already worked in positions where stakeholder management, requirements engineering and project or team leadership was part of your job.
    Working with distributed teams is nothing that scares you.
  • You are a role model when it comes to quality code.
  • You can communicate your thoughts, concepts and strategies clearly.
  • The development process is important. You drive the importance of solid Git structures, moderate and participate in pull request discussions.
  • Communication is important. You should value empathy and kindness and be able to articulate your ideas and feelings when writing or speaking.

To apply to this job please send an email to with the following contents:
  • Your CV / link to your website / link to your linkedin
  • Letter of interest (optional)

Cel. : +355696598049