ITO-Albania is looking for someone motivated to join our team, you will be working remotly with one of our clients from Cologne, Germany and help them further develope their projects. If you have experience in any of the thechnologies mentioned below then do not hasitate to contact us.

Requirements (either separate for front-end and back-end or one person for both)

  • a deep understanding of JavaScript, Typescript, and React, React-query // for Front-end
  • hands-on experience with Node, Typescript, NestJS, deployment with AWS // for Back-end
  • fluent English
  • a solid experience and knowledge of the best practices and standards in professional software development
  • proactivity and high level of organization
  • attention to detail
  • strong collaboration skills

Current project:
A training platform with video content and tests + administrative panel with use statisticsTasks are mostly about finding ways to serve video content in ways that work in the long run and creating the admin panel. We have testing and CI/CD setups.

If you wish to apply then please send your resume to the following email: