Technical Writer (electrical)


The Technical Writer in detail is in charge of the following responsibilities and activities:
 Receives the technical information needed for the authoring of the requested documentation (i.e. technical
specifications, technical drawings, 3D models, pneumatic schematics, hydraulic schematics, manufacturer’s
system/equipment documentation, physical surveys of procedures/times)
 Performs the contents authoring of the requested documentation, following the indicated standards, using traditional
authoring tools (i.e. InDesign, FrameMaker, Xpress, Word, etc), or authoring platforms (XML-based)
 Verifies the documentation produced, following the indicated standards (i.e. applying a checklist)
 Performs the publication of the requested documentation on the platform (CMS) and/or delivers the produced
documents to the Customer, using the indicated tools and following the requested standards
 Archives the source, half-processed, and produced documents following the indicated rules
 Reports the progress status of the assigned projects (KPI), following the applicable rules
 If requested, contributes to the training of junior Technical Writers
 When requested, participates in the meetings with the Team
 When necessary, performs business trips to the Team’s facility, in order to collect information, and to receive training

The Technical Writer performs his job satisfactory for the company, if achieves the following results:
The requests for authoring from the PM/TL are promptly committed, possible overload cases are managed in a
collaborative and constructive manner
 The contents authoring and the documentation editing is performed following the indicated quality standards, and
meeting the delivery deadlines
 The data flow from and to the internal Graphic Designers is constantly monitored, possible cases of misalignment
with the quality and delivery standards are promptly shared with the Team
 The verification of the quality of the produced documentation is performed in accurate manner, and the results are
shared with the authors aimed at improvement
 The source, half-processed, and produced documents are archived in a rigorous and ordered manner, shared with the
 The progress status of the project is clear and exhaustive, and it is submitted with the requested periodicity
 The training of the junior authors and/or the junior graphics is managed in a structured manner, and it is performed
with motivation
 The meetings with the Team are proactive and productive
 Accepts positively the request of business trips to the to the Team’s facility
 The relationship with Graphic Designers, PM and TL is fair, collaborative, and proactive

The Technical Writer with electrical background is endowed at least with the following hard skills:
 Electrotechnics, Electronics, Computers, or Telecommunications High school graduation
 Knowledge of reading and interpreting electric, electronic, and functional schematics
 Intermediate level (B1) knowledge of the English language
 Intermediate level knowledge of the basic computer tools
 Intermediate level knowledge of the MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) package.
The further following hard skills are to be considered as an asset:
 Previous experience in the Technical authoring field
 Knowledge of the traditional authoring applications, as InDesign, FrameMaker, XPress, etc
Soft skills:
 Team Working
 Result Oriented
 Autonomy and Flexibility
 Determination and Proactivity

Please apply by sending an email with your CV at this email address: