2RM Lab kėrkon tė punėsoj informaticien ne tre pozicione tė lira

Kėrkohet qė:
Tė jeni korrekt.
Tė keni aftėsitė e njė programuesi me tė paktėn 2 vjet eksperiencė.

Ajo qė do tė gjeni te ne ėshtė staf senior tė gatshėm pėr t’ju ndihmuar nė zhvillimin tuaj profesional, me kusht qė pėrfshirja juaj nė projekt nė tėrėsinė e vet tė ndihmojė punėn tonė.

Puna qė do tė bėni:
Marrja pjesė nė zhvillimin e software tė ndryshėm. Aktualisht projektet tona janė software pėr Menaxhimin e Burimeve Njerėzore dhe Programe Financiare.

Punėpėrshkrimet janė si mė poshtė:

Vue js Front-End Developer


At least 1-3 years of experience working and problem solving with a team, interacting with RESTful APIs, and source control (in particular git)

Self-starting mindset is a must; we don’t hand down perfect spec sheets and expect them to be completed as written. We need your input, recommendations, and initiative

JavaScript fundamentals, and exposure to one of the major JavaScript frameworks are also required for your success here

Familiarity with back end technologies

Bonus points awarded for experience using a financial program or human resource managing program

Open-minded and collaborative. Being open to using different tools and willingness to work closely on a team are essential for your happiness and success here

Ability to use discretion and critical thinking.

C# WPF Front-End Developer


2+ years software development experience

Strong understanding of object-oriented programming

Proficient in C# with a good knowledge of its ecosystems

Knowledge of concurrency patterns in C#

Proficient with Multi-Threading concepts

Excellent understanding of testing strategies to deliver quality software

Knowledge of Windows Presentation Framework (WPF)

PHP Back-End Developer


1+ years experience

Strong skills with PHP

Experience developing API

Software development fundamentals

Object-Oriented design as well as functional procedural design based on composition

GIT and code version control knowledge

Software debugging / Unit testing

Ability to properly document code

Ability to handle multiple projects effectively

Experienced in data transport technologies important (JSON)

Comfortable working on projects without continuous oversight and maintaining appropriate deadlines

Tė interesuarit tė dėrgojnė CV-tė e tyre te info@2rmlab.com