IT Software & Digital Developer

Our organization

iKANBI Technologies (, subsidiary of the international Target Group and partner of iKANBI Belgium, iKANBI Albania and iKANBI Morocco, is an expert organization in the areas of digitalization, technological and artificial intelligence services.
Active for more than 26 years in the business segment of customer contacts, iKANBI Technologies develops and promotes customized solutions in order to constantly optimize and improve customer experience.
iKANBI Technologies broadens the horizon of technological opportunities through the development of highly innovative digital solutions, including artificial intelligence.
To further improve our capability to deliver our innovative solutions, iKANBI Belgium is actively looking for an IT Software & Digital Developer.

Role & responsibilities

As part of your role in the international IT team, your responsibilities will include:

  • You will extensively contribute to the functional and technological design of specific applications, web services, interfaces, reporting, … for both internal and external customers, after having gathered business and operational requirements, followed by the software development activities.
  • When required, existing applications will need to be reviewed, improved and modernized, which is also part of your duties.
  • As needed, and prior to an actual development, you might perform application prototyping, to validate some functional concepts or technologies.
  • As a whole, making technological recommendations to your management and the international IT team will be part of your competencies.
  • Together with the IT infrastructure team members, you will ensure that the IT platforms required to run applications meet performance, stability, security, resilience and availability requirements.
  • Your development competencies will allow you to put your technical expertise into practice, in a genuine creative mode, fully supported by your management.
  • Obviously, you will give attention in delivering applications within the usual constraints of timing, budget and scope, for the satisfaction of your customers.
  • The documentation and training material that you will produce for your developed applications will obviously be highly useful and appreciated.

  • To remain close to your customers, you will provide them with the necessary and proximity support and expertise.
  • Based on your competencies and career evolution, you might coordinate planning, design and projects.
  • On a regular basis, you will align with, and inform your management and the international IT team about your ongoing developments.

Your competencies

Because you will operate at the intersection of several business segments, technical and less technical, you will possess strong competencies, such as:

  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational abilities
  • Capacity to facilitate teamwork across technologies, projects and disciplines
  • Uniquely talented in customer- and result-orientation
  • Analytical
  • Creativity
  • Adherence to company mission, values and customer orientation

Your talents & technological skills

You will demonstrate proficient knowledge in either of the following technologies, or willing to acquire them as part of your knowledge development:

  • Basic knowledge of IT infrastructure (servers, storage, security, network, access rights, Active Directory).
  • Application development ; project management abilities, process automation (scripting via batch, Powershell) & digitalization.
  • Environments: Windows, ASP.NET, C-Sharp.NET, secured platforms, collaboration platforms (Sharepoint, …).
  • Development technologies & frameworks: MS-SQL, virtualization, Web/HTML, Win Form, Web Services (SOAP, REST), Web Form.
  • IT principles: ITIL, Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Extra’s: SSIS (SQLServer Integration Services), MVC (Model View Controller), WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), Team Foundation, Linux, Xamarin, mobile technologies, digitalization techniques, artificial intelligence.

Your profile

  • IT degree or equivalent successful experience in application development
  • 3-5 years of experience
  • English language is a must, as required by the context (international IT team)

Our offer

Through iKANBI Technologies, we offer you the opportunity to join an international Group (900+ people), to express and develop your competencies, your motivation, creativity and passion for the IT and digital technologies, within a stable while evolutive team and a omni-facet function.
As part of a member of an always-growing organization, you will be constantly involved in new technological challenges, based on your interests and competencies.


Please send us soon a career summary and the reason why you would be motivated to join our Group.

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