We are looking for Junior Graphic designer

The Graphic Designer produces the illustrations of the requested technical documentation, using graphic elaboration tools,following the Customer’s standards and the operative recommendations of the Technical Writers.
The Graphic Designer in detail is in charge of the following responsibilities and activities:
· Takes in charge the requests for illustrations from the Technical Writers, verifying that the source material is adequate
· Performs the illustrations authoring, following the indicated standards.
· Archives the source, half-processed, and produced illustrations following the indicated rules
· When requested, participates in the meetings with the Team
· When necessary, performs business trips to the Team’s facility, in order to collect information, and to receive training about the activities to be performed

The Graphic Designer is endowed at least with the following hard skills:
· Technical or professional High school graduation
· Intermediate level (B1) knowledge of the English and Italian language
· Intermediate level knowledge of the basic computer tools
· Intermediate level knowledge of the MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) package
· Intermediate level knowledge of the 2D graphic elaboration applications, as Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw ,etc
The further following hard skills are to be considered as an asset:
· Previous experience in the 2D graphic field, including illustration tracing and color touch-up
· Knowledge (basic ) of the 3D graphic elaboration applications

The Graphic Designer is endowed with the following soft skills:
· Team Working
· Result Oriented
· Autonomy and Flexibility
· Determination and Proactivity
· Communication and Conflict Management.

-Please apply by sending an email with your CV at this email address: recruiting@atconsulting.al