General Information:

  • Procurement worldwide Data
  • Purchasing and Procurement Integrated Goals
  • Purpose of role of procurement;
  • Role of Procurement in Organization;
  • Four Key Procurement pillars of objectives;
  • Procurement Strategy & Planning;
  • Purchasing vs. Procurement;
  • Importance of Procurement Procedure;
  • Purpose of Documentation;
  • Demand & Supply, Market Factors;
  • What procurement should know?
  • Difficulties and Challenges in procurement;
  • Key Economic sectors and procurement characteristics;
  • People in procurement
  • Models of Procurement and people

Target audience

  • Professional managers in trade, industry and NGO, active in purchasing or supply chain management, who are interested in opportunities for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the procurement and supply function of their organizations.
  • Those who supervise procurement staff directly or indirectly.
  • Those who come from a non-procurement background and are interested in the latest developments in procurement.
  • Those who are interested in procurement and supply management in its broadest sense.

Trainer: Gentiana Gjoni (Hima)
Expertise of 15+ years of experience in Purchasing & Strategic Procurement, Strategy Development, Sourcing, management of RFPs, Contract Negotiations, and Vendor Management.
Indirect Categories covered for banking, telecom and oil and gas sectors like IT, Telecom equipment, Sales materials, Marketing, Professional & General services, Facility and Fleet Management.
Delivered considerable savings, managed local and international procurement operations, resulting in major contracts being awarded due to an effective sourcing strategy."

Language: English & Albanian

Duration: 2 days

Study Place:
Rr." Ibrahim Rugova", Nd.26, H.21, Ap.13, Tirane.

Cel: +355692074495