Here at Kreatx we are looking for JavaScript software engineers to join our professional team by contributing on creating state of the art products.

You will be developing Kreatx proprietary software and as well contribute on obviajs open source framework.
You will be part of a highly skilled team constantly motivated to achieve more.
You will be participating in both early technology research and ongoing product development.

Your main activities will be:
  • Develop obviajs front end components, applets (views) and controllers
  • Collaborate on API specs inception
  • Contribute on performance improvements
  • Work on the improvement of our existing products and new products as well

We welcome active individuals trying to achieve more and earn extra rewards by:
  • Writing articles to the Kreatx Blog (bonus reward for every article).
  • Introducing innovative ideas (bonus reward)

Minimum qualifications:
  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field.
  • At least one year of software development experience or proven freelance work

Preferred skills and qualifications:
  • Interpersonal skills, creates good relations to other team members and customers, polite, respectful, humble.
  • Proactive and self-motivated person.
  • Goal oriented and able to show leadership and motivate others.
  • Strong JavaScript knowledge (at least browser environments) : As a self check, visit and review Part 1 related terms.
  • Good English (written and spoken).
  • Solid knowledge of Algorithms & Data Structures (Sorting, Lists, Graphs etc), OOP, Design Patterns, Operating Systems and Computer Architecture.
  • Knowledge in MongoDB
  • Any awarded programming, database (…) related certifications.

Training and Certifications:
You will be encouraged & sponsored to take certifications in JavaScript, PHP, JAVA, Android,
database development and administration, operating systems, project management etc.

If your skills and performance will meet our requirements we will surely promote you professionally and financially
and we will be assigning you greater responsibilities towards a successful career on becoming a leader and project manager.

Apply now by sending your updated resume to
Only pre-selected candidates will be contacted.