3D Informatica Albania Sh.p.k
is an Albanian company part of an Italian group established 30 years ago in Bologna, Italy(
Is specialized in Enterprise Document Management area, and operating at the national and international level.
Has developed the document platformExtraWay® XML DB – Record Management and Information Retrieval System.

We are currently looking for talented senior developers from Albania or Kosovo, with an interest in building Java based applications.

Job position:
Senior Software Developer
Job location: Tiranė, Albania


Data Storage

  • Mongo DB

Mongo DB is document based database which we use to store data in our projects. It is required to have a basic understanding of NOSQL database model.

  • Elastic Search

To overcome some limitation of Mongo DB (like full text search) and optimize the search, we have intergrated in our project the Elastic Search. It is required a basic understanding of this tool.

  • Oracle DB

In our application we use Oracle database. It is required to have an understanding of relation database model.

Backend Technology

  • Java SE 8

It is required to have understading of java 8 new features like lambda expression,functional interfaces,method references, usage of Optional,Stream, Collectors.

  • Apache Maven

For Dependency Management and project build managment Maven is used in our projects. It is required to have an understanding of maven lifecycle builds and how dependecy it is resolved in maven projects.

  • SpringBoot

SpringBoot is opionated framework build on spring framework that makes much more easy to configure different spring frameworks(core,security,aop and etc). It is required to know how to exclude unnecessary configuration or misconfigured auto configuration.

  • Spring Data

It is required to know how to use spring data for data access of different repositories of information(relational and non-relational databases,map-reduce frameworks, and cloud-based data service ).

  • QueryDSL

It is abstraction layer to compensate the mismatch between objected oriented approach and relational or document database model. It is not must but having experience on it is plus since it is used and will heavily be used in creating complex query.

  • Spring Security

Spring security is the framework we use to authenticate and authorize user in our application.It is required to have used at least in memory authentication example with spring security. To have implement Authentication with a Database-Backed UserDetailsService or CAS authentication it is plus.

  • Design Patterns

It is required to have at least knowledge of factory method pattern. To have knowledge of decorater, observers and composite pattern it is plus.

  • Unit Testing

It is required to have knowledge how to implement a simple unit test with JUnit. Having knowledge of mockito framework to mock objects it is plus.

FrontEnd Technology

  • Angular 6

It is required a good understanding of angular routing, forms(template and reactive forms),component communication,modules.

  • RxJS

It is required to have basic understanding of Observable part RxJs library which is used heavily with angular. To have deep understanding of reactive programming is plus.

  • NPM

The project used npm to manage dependency. It is required to have basic understanding how npm works.

  • Bootstrap

It is good to know basic boostrap features.

  • Kendo UI

Kendo UI is collection of Javascript UI components which is implemented lately in our project. It is plus to have knowledge of Kendo UI used in angular.


  • Eclipse

It required to have a basic understanding of eclipse. If you are profiecient with intelliJ that you are not required to have knowledge of eclipse you can use intelliJ.

  • Visual Studio Code

It is required to have basic understanding of VScode.

  • PostMan

It is good to have used postman or any other similar tool.

  • Robo3T(or RoboMongo)

It is good to have used Robo3T or any other similar tool.

  • Kibana or Cerebro

It is good to have used either of these tools.

  • Git

Distributed version-control system for tracking changes in source code during software development.


  • Software development according to customer requirements
  • Resolves tasks and projects within the terms
  • Bug fix
  • Reports and other tasks

and working hours:

  • Concrete opportunities for professional growth
  • Flexible working hours
  • Competitive salary
  • Bonus for good performance
  • Paid lunch
  • Full-time: From Monday to Friday

How to Apply:

Interested candidates are asked to send an updated Curriculum Vitae.
The application will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.
Only the selected candidates will be contacted.

Send your Curriculum Vitae to the following address: hr@3dial.eu