Tech Support Should be able to work from
Will work from Thursday till Sunday,will be off Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday.

Do you have something inside that makes you exceptional, never lets you settle and always pushes you towards excellence? Can you accurately answer these few questions? If so, YOU may just be the person we are looking for!

  • A BIOSHD-8 error indicates a problem with which component?
  • Which component of a printer causes image defects most often?
  • Accordion-style paper jams would indicate a problem with which component?

Job Requirements:

  • Troubleshoot by performing an inquiry, triage and diagnose that leads to the repair of our customer's computer, printer and/or server over the phone
  • Make the correct part determination for the repair
  • Provide remote Help Desk Support to our customer’s and field technicians

Required Skills:

  • Experience with general PC hardware and/or networking
  • Working knowledge of commercial or residential printers/scanners
  • Strong problem solving skills with an ability to handle difficult customer calls
  • Ability to multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment
  • Comfortable with being on the phone all day
  • Ability to touch type at 35-40 wpm
  • Professional interpersonal and communication skills providing excellent customer service


  • High School Graduate or GED

  • CompTIA certifications (A+ Hardware, Network+ and PDI) preferred but not required
  • CATS cabling experience a plus


Barrister’s Mission Statement: Superior Service Solutions, Quality Managed from Start to Finish.
Barrister’s Values: Integrity, Hard Work, Execution, Dependability and Respect for Others
Barrister Global Services Network, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

We Offer a Two Week-s Training, so we will help you learn and grow in our working environment . This means that if you are a YOUNG , JUST GRADUATED STUDENT , that is eager to learn and make a career, WE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!!!!

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