We are looking for Java programmers with the following requirements:

- have the equivalent of at least two years of work experience in java
- Are back end programmers
- Have a good level of written / spoken English
- nice to have, but not essential for the choice, if they have full stack experience and if they speak Italian

The minimum duration we foresee for the engagement is 1 year. For each candidate we foresee a technical evaluation interview and then a trial period for a month.

The technical requirements for programmers with the premise that it is not mandatory that they are all respected, but we will give priority to candidates with the most knowledge:

Object-oriented programming eg POJO
Solid knowledge on interfacing issues
Familiar with the MVC Paradigm
Persistence API (JPA)
Spring in terms of Injection, Rest, Boot
Lambda functions
Parallel programming
Fork Join Pool
Parallel Stream

Previous exposure to testing issues: Test Coverage, TDD
Web-side knowledge (nice to have):
Cut b
JSF / PrimeFaces
Vue / Angular / React

Please send your CV at a.dervishi@evolutivo.it