In the framework of the Project "Prevention and Safe reintegration: Holistic Approach and Resilience to Violent Extremism” funded by the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF), and implemented in in Tirana & Durres regions and in Pogradec, Librazhd, Elbasan, Cerrik, Diber, Bulqize & Kukės municipality, Terre des hommes Mission in Albania is seeking to contract a company/agency with related expertise and human resources that displays the human, ethical and technical demands to organize five-days youth camps program for youth groups in the region of Tirana, Elbasan, Kukės and Durrės.

About us
Terre des hommes (Tdh) is the leading Swiss organization for children’s aid, operating in Albania since 1993, in the field of child rights, child protection, migration and juvenile justice, for strengthening of a national child protection and justice system in Albania. Terre des hommes’ area of expertise ranges from psycho-social interventions with vulnerable children and their family and community members, to empowerment of local, regional, and national level governmental institutions and key stakeholders, to strengthening child protection, juvenile justice system and social inclusion system for migrants in Albania.

About the project
The overall objective of the project “Prevention and Safe reintegration: Holistic Approach and Resilience to Violent Extremism” is to foster resilience to violent extremism through a holistic approach in order to prevent radicalism and support the safe reintegration of woman and children returning from the war zones.

The overall objective will be reached through three main components: a) community agency work through engaging and strengthening the capacity of National and local duty bearers and front-line workers – including social workers, health professionals, school directors, psychologists and mental health professionals; b) equal access to opportunities through individualized care and protection support through a case management approach. c) promoting social cohesion and sense of purpose of at risk and vulnerable youth and RFTF through Multifunctional community services provision.

Mobilizing and empowering youth and communities is one of the approaches to resilience building to prevent violence, particularly related to CVE. The forthcoming dedicated capacity building programs, youth mobilizing, and engagement methodologies aims to boost youth participation in setting priorities and implementing youth designed advocacy initiatives and actions. As a result, empowered and informed community, youth, women, and vulnerable communities will be more active and involved in enabling acceptive environments, disseminating narratives that emphasize collaboration and acceptance. The mobilizing and empowering youth and communities’ approach will address the conditions conducive to violent extremism, reduce the vulnerabilities of at-risk groups, and/or support the disengagement and reintegration of individuals formerly affiliated with radicalized groups.

Purpose of the service

The target group will be young people, young community leaders already identified by Tdh program, as community activists in each respective targeted area.

The youth camp aim to create a unique opportunity to ensure development of relationships, as well as fostering qualitative learning, recreational, athletic/sport, educational activities among peers.

Tdh intervention is related to long term engagement of young people and their empowerment towards prevention of violent extremism, violent behaviours, and safe reintegration process of community vulnerable members in local communities.

In the frame of this call the company/agency will:

a) Design and implement the proposed and previously agreed methodology in the Youth Camp in each target area;
b) Organize a five-day youth camp in each region (Tirana, Elbasan, Kukės and Durrės) combining recreational and learning methodologies towards upgrading young people skills and knowledge on different social issues, organizing sports and art engaging sessions;
c) Ensure that all topics/sessions of the proposed agenda are covered during the 5-days of the camp;
d) Increase capacities of participants to understand and identify key challenges and root causes of different issues to be discussed during the camp activities;
e) Produce a final report as per the agreed format detain the number of participants, daily camp agenda, presentations, session topics, successes, lessons learned and recommendations.

Tasks to be performed by the company/agency

Under the direct supervision of Tdh staff, the company/agency is expected to perform the following key deliverables:
Propose the youth camps methodology & tools that should include:
A detailed five – days youth camp program and daily agendas; including the needed materials, handouts, (pre & posttest if needed)
The proposed youth camp program should consider including and address the following:
Socialization of young people and increasing volunteerism
Understanding services available for young people in local and national level and access to these services.
Gender roles and stereotypes in family, school and community
Human rights and conflict resolution.
Promotion of positive environmental behaviors and habits
Promotion of positive healthy lifestyle
The importance of media literacy and communication
Stress management and relaxing techniques
Installing positive behaviors and life skills
Critical thinking
Issues related to discrimination and prejudices
Internet addiction and safe internet behaviors
The Role of Young Generation in Promoting Peace Values.
Youth participation and empowerment
Young people as drivers of change
Safe communities etc
Deliver a five - day youth camps program in each cities : Tirana, Kukes, Durres and Elbasan
Actual workdays for this service should not exceed 20 working days.
The youth camps should be organised during the period 1st -31 July 2022
Note: Flexibility on delivery of training is required, based on the development of COVID-19 situations in the country.

Note: Human resources, venue, travel, meals, accommodation if needed, and logistics for the camp will be covered by company/agency and proposed in the financial offer.

Required/preferred profile and expertise of the company/agency:
· Minimum of 3 years proven experience and demonstrated expertise in the field of
organizing youth camps
· Experience in drafting training programs, manuals, modules, recreational activities
· Experience dealing with different age, multicultural and vulnerable groups
· Proven experience in working with young people
· Sound understanding of child/youth safeguarding policies and practices
· Excellent interpersonal and life skills of the involved human resources.
· Flexibility in responding to the needs of the contracting agency.
· Proven ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure.

Ethical considerations:
All persons who work with Tdh programs are obliged to respect the Child Safeguarding Policy and General Code of Conduct.

Interested candidates are invited to send a:
· Expression of interest for the required service
· Profile of proposed human resources and expertise that will be engaged on youth camp activities with detailed description of roles and responsibilities of each proposed staff.
· CV / profile of the company/agency
· The proposed methodology, suggested agenda, proposed topics /activities to be implemented during the full five-day Youth Camp with interactive activities targeting 40 young people for each targeted area. The proposed methodology should be clear and adequately explaining the methodology and approach to be used during the camp.
· Examples of previous works in working directly with youth camps.
· At least two references by previous contractors
· Detailed financial offer, with cost break down for each proposed activity in each targeted area (ALL in gross)
· Tax registration (required)

Selection of the Service provider will be based on:
· How well the application meets the requirements set out in the Terms of Reference.
· Proposed methodology & proposed of the expertise
· Relevant experience.
· Financial offer
· Tax registration

Submission of application should be done to no later than 27th of June 2022 with subject “Service: Company or Agency for organizing Youth camps program”