1. Standart Tirane, ofroj vend pune Senior Javascript Developer (2000 - 3000 EUR / month)

    We are looking for talented and motivated Javascript developers to join our growing team, people who can hit the ground running to help build amazing user interfaces for our web apps.

    Job type: Javascript Developer

    Reasons to work with us

    At Mozenda, we care deeply about quality and ease-of-use. We execute efficiently and effectively through ownership and accountability, while maintaining a culture of open discussion, curiosity, and measured risk taking, with a passion for what we do.

    We work flexible hours and have access to company-paid technical education resources. We’re growing fast, so you’ll always be working on fun and challenging projects. Our customers are enterprise class (⅓ of Fortune 500 companies are customers).

    What you will be doing

    • Working closely with our US-based team to develop killer user interfaces using Javascript and Ext JS.
    • Coding, coding, and coding using Javascript and Ext JS.
    • Building web user interfaces because you are passionate and love doing it.

    Required skills and technologies

    • Solid understanding of coding methods and best practices
    • Mid-senior or senior level position with 3+ years of professional experience
    • 3+ months of experience in one of the major libraries/frameworks (Ext JS, Node, React, Vue, etc)
    • Solid understanding of the DOM, HTML5, CSS3, JSON
    • Basic understanding of architectural patterns (MVC, MVVM, MV*, etc)
    • Working knowledge or experience with source versioning software such as Git, Mercurial, SVN, TFS
    • Hands-on experience developing and running test cases

    Nice to have

    • Excellent understanding of coding methods and best practices
    • ES6+ Javascript
    • Solid understanding of Javascript design patterns
    • 6+ months of experience in one of the major libraries/frameworks ● Experience with Ext JS
    • Experience in automated testing and continuous integration
    • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills


    We appreciate and value your talent and time and will offer a competitive salary.


    Jetmir Hysi
    Senior Manager of Software Engineering
    (+355) 67 2868255 jetmir.hysi@mozenda.com
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