of “Capital Invest Sh.A.”, A JOINT-STOCK COMPANY
(A financial small-loan institution)

“Capital Invest Sh.A.”, a small-loan financial institution, holder of business License # 19, issued by the Bank of Albania on August 4, 2010, with its main headquarters located at Rruga “Sheh Ahmet Pazari”, No. 2/1, Tirana, Albania, invites all interested parties to bid for purchasing 20% of the shares held by this joint-stock company founded on privately-owned capital.
Relevant instructions and documentation about competing bid offers will be made available to interested parties at the company headquarters located at the above-mentioned address. The documentation includes an Introductory Memo which contains important information about the company and shares for sale, as well as information related to the current conditions in the stock/shares market of non-banking financial companies in Albania. In addition, intending to ease the due diligence process regarding shares proposed for sale, participating bidders will have access to a Data Room whereby they will be able to directly and thoroughly check out the files which show the activity of “Capital Invest Sh.A.” as a business entity.
Interested parties, whether physical or legal entities, will have to notify in writing the General Manager of “Capital Invest” of their willingness to participate, at the address already provided:
Rruga “Sheh Ahmet Pazari”, No. 2/1, Tirana, Albania.
Please feel free to contact Mr. M. Nela with any questions or further details accordingly, @ Mobile Phone # 068 20 06 290.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Tel. : 2363003

Cel. : 0682006290