Trego pamjen e plotė tė : Tirane, shes Kasetofon Kenwood -Stereo Bluttooth 7.000 Leke

Akloj Papuciu
03.08.2020, 17:37
Bluetooth Car Stereo


MP3/WMA/AAC CD/USB-Receiver with Bluetooth built-in

Key Features

Bluetooth with handsfree profile & SMS, built-in

Illuminated front AUX & USB input slide protection cover

MP3, WMA & AAC files playback with ID-3 tag display

3 preouts, 2,5V

iPod direct control with optional KCA-iP101

Works with iPhone

RDS tuner with radio-text-Plus support

High-performance, clean-reception K3I tuner

IR remote control unit included

Lexoni specifikimet teknike tek linku mėposhtė:

https://www.kenwood-electronics.co.uk/car/rec/bluetooth/KDC-BT6544U/?view=details&fbclid=IwAR13bbGko0r9orvsV2fEk4W1hv-RlZmP2tN49QDrg16pWhEn9Fi2FZrOBoY (https://www.kenwood-electronics.co.uk/car/rec/bluetooth/KDC-BT6544U/?view=details&fbclid=IwAR13bbGko0r9orvsV2fEk4W1hv-RlZmP2tN49QDrg16pWhEn9Fi2FZrOBoY)

Cel. : 0698580777