Trego pamjen e plotë të : Tirane, ftese per oferte Compensation Market Research

SOS Fshatrat e Femijeve Shqiperi
11.02.2019, 11:43
Compensation Market Research on behalf of SOS Children’s Villages, Albania
(External Consultant)


SOS Children’s Villages Albania is a private, nongovernmental and non-profit organization, which makes every attempt to offer a permanent home to the children who have lost their parents or for several reasons have no possibility to live with them. The SOS Children’s Village also strongly support the children at risk of losing their families, and the families in need through implementation of different projects aiming at the further development of their capacities.
The work in SOS Children’s Villages stands on four principles: mother, brother and sisters, house and village.

Purpose of the compensation market research

The market research on compensation should give a clear picture of the standing of our organization in relation to other similar organizations and NGOs and a vast insight into what our prospects will be looking for regarding compensation.

Key areas for the market research

Focus on NGOs and other similar organizations, public and private sector

Main responsibilities of external consultant:

Market research / Main responsibilities of external analyst:

Identify the appropriate labour market for various types of positions - Consultant will conduct a job matching by means of comparison of job descriptions provided by SOS with those of other organizations in order to ensure that they have the required job matches and can be retained for the comprehensive salary survey.
Carry out a market research on salaries and benefits;
Analyse collected data; compare the salaries, allowances and benefits data;
Prepare a report on results and recommendations and the data sources they used for the benchmark;

5. Expected deliverables:
External researching team will commit to the following key deliverables:
5.1. Analysis design – contains the analysis framework; detailed analysis methodology; work plan and budget
5.2. Developed research tools
5.3. Draft research report
5.4. Final detailed research report with comparison and analysis of the survey results, recommendations related to remuneration packages. The report will be prepared using both quantitative data and qualitative information

6. Time frame
The market research will be carried out during the period March - April 2019.

7. Profile of the external consultant
The consultant (e.g. research institutions, university, independent freelancers, etc.) must have:

economic field background
proven track record in the area of compensation and benefit analysis
a good understanding of the salary system in the country
proven experience or participatory evaluation and data collection methods
familiarity with labour market issues
past experience in undertaking salary survey for non-profit organizations will be an asset
ability to render consulting services in the most professional, effective and efficient
excellent writing and presentation skills (all required reports shall be written in English)
knowledge of SOS Children’s Villages

8. Deadline and application requirements
Interested candidates and/or institutions are requested to submit in English Language:

A curriculum vitae
Letter of Interest
Methodology of conducting the study with relevant cost of the study

These documents should be sent within 15 of February 2019, via e-mail to Enkelejda Tefa, enkelejda.tefa@soskd.org.al Human Resources Manager, SOS Children’s Villages Albania

Confidentiality It is highly expected from the selected individual / company to maintain the highest level of confidentiality to the information provided before, during and after the completion of the assignment. He/she shall practice highest standard of professional and ethical values and norms in providing this consultancy services.