Trego pamjen e plotë të : oferte External consultant

SOS Fshatrat e Femijeve Shqiperi
11.07.2018, 16:23
External consultant to develop a methodology of training curricula for Foster Care (FC)

SOS Children’s Villages Albania (SOS CV AL), was established in 1995, it has been active in the field of social protection through provision of direct care services for children and young people without parental care, as well community based services for families at risk. The mission of our work is to ensure that every child grows with love, security and respect.
SOS CV AL operates in Albania with 2 main programs:
1. Family Based Care (FBC) offering care for 117 children and young people. Uniquely, we provide long-term, family-like care for children who have lost parental care. The FBC programme units are usually organized in the form of a cluster of SOS families, where a SOS caregiver cares for small groups of children.
2. Family Strengthening Program (FSP) supporting 763 children/young people and 285 families. We work with vulnerable families and communities to help strengthen them and prevent child abandonment.
Since 2009 these programs are supported by Advocacy Campaigns for Child Rights. At SOS CV AL, advocacy is taking action to improve policies and practices that undermine the well- being of children and young people at risk of losing parental care or who have lost parental care.
SOS Children’s Villages Albania in partnership with Tirana Legal Aid Society during 2018 - 2020 will implement the project “Support CSO’s capacities in advocating good governance and accountability on implementation of Human rights and fundamental freedoms” financed by European Union. The action will be implemented by SOS CV AL as lead organization with co-partner Tirana Legal Aid Society (TLAS).
The project has 2 specific objectives:
Specific objective 1: by the end of 2020 local CSOs raise the public awareness to increase the community collaboration and involvement as foster families in Durres, Tirana, Korca regions.
Specific objective 2: by the end of 2020 practice improvement of foster care development by increase the competences of social staff and key stakeholders for professional response and involvement in Durres, Tirana and Korca regions

2. Purpose of the service
For this reason, we are looking for an agency/expert to work in close consultation with SOS CV AL to provide technical expertise on the following:
- Design five topics methodology for capacity building for “Foster Care”;
- Provide knowledge regarding social, administrative and legal aspect in local and national level of Foster Care.

For more details, please find the terms of reference attached