Trego pamjen e plotė tė : TENDER NOTIFICATION FOR LED LIGHTING PROJECT from Tirana International Airport

Tirana International Airport
12.10.2017, 11:43


Tirana International Airport shpk is requesting offers for the LED Lighting Project (supply and installation/modification of the lighting at its own buildings to LED based).
The purpose of this tender process is to contract a company that can realize this project under current best practices and best quality to switch the lighting to LED.

In order to obtain the set of documents, necessary for participating in this process, the interested parties need to submit a signed authorization form, whereby they authorize the person to retrieve the documentation set, near the offices of Tirana International Airport, Administration Building, Rinas. The authorization needs to be directed to Tirana International Airport and contain the stamp and signature of the interested company and the name of the authorized person for retrieving the documentation set.

The set of documents is delivered free of charge.

The offers needed to be submitted in closed and sealed package clearly marked “Airport LED Lighting System 2017”

The address where the offer needs to be submitted is: Tirana International Airport shpk, Procurement Department, Administration Building, Old Terminal, Rinas.

The deadline for the submission of the offers in the above mentioned address is 03 November 2017, 16:00.

If the offers are submitted open (e-mail, fax, or through other means) those offers will be not considered for this tender process.

For additional questions please send an email to the following addresses: apalushi@tirana-airport.com; benet@tirana-airport.com