Trego pamjen e plot t : MK, Shkup forecast Capacity Building in Support to the Decentralisation of Management of Assist

14.01.2006, 16:17
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CapacityBuilding in Support to the Decentralisation of Management of Assistance

the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

1. Publication Reference

2. Procedure

3. Programme

4. Financing
CARDS 2005 National Programme for the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

5. Contracting Authority
European Commission on behalf of the beneficiary country

6. Nature of Contract

7. Contract description
The principal objective of the project is to support the administrations of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to take an active and effective role in the preparation of financial co-operation programmes and projects financed by the EU, and in their technical and financial implementation within the framework of the Decentralised Implementation System (DIS).

With a budget of 1.1 million, it will ensure filling gaps assessment identified during a first phase project. It should guarantee the establishment of fully operational administrative structures and capacity for the implementation of EU assistance under DIS.

The project will aim at supporting the beneficiary countries through: guidance, training, development and use of internal procedures.

8. Indicative maximum budget
1.1 million EUR

9. Intended timing of publication
January 2006

10. Additional information

11. Legal basis
Council Regulation (EC) N 2666/2000 as amended by Council Regulation (EC) N 2257/2004 of 20 December 2004

No applications or requests for further information should be sent at this stage.