1. Job title: Product Manager

Department: Marketing
Reports to: Marketing Manager
Authorization: Management
Job Summary

Analyze, develop and maintain product positioning and growth strategy.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Launches new products to the market or existing products to new markets and initiates training for the sales force.
  • Responsible for designing and evaluating the necessary activities to develop the brands image through the lines.
  • Plans, implements and controls programs to increase market penetration and profitability for a particular range of products/services
  • Understand all aspects of operation thoroughly and be able to work effectively with team members and outside firms on legal and financial matters
  • Develop products price packaging, by analyzing the competition and financial data in coordination with Technical department
  • Develop marketing plan and training seminars to introduce the products strategy and character
  • Initiate design of advertising campaigns & create dynamic Activity Time Planner
  • Create Integrated Market Programs (IMP) that include support to communities and organizations in interest of particular groups
  • Reports to the Marketing Director

Educational Background: University degree in Marketing or relevant area
Post – Graduate Degree Optional

Professional Experience:
2or more years work experience in a relative functional area

2. Job title: PROJECT Manager

Reports to: CEO
Authorization: Management
Job Summary

The role of the Project Manager is to plan, execute, and finalize projects according to
strict deadlines and within budget. This includes acquiring resources and coordinating
the efforts of team members and third-party contractors or consultants in order to deliver
projects according to plan. The Project Manager will also define the project’s objectives
and oversee quality control throughout its life cycle.


• Direct and manage project development from beginning to end.
• Define project scope, goals and deliverables that support business goals in
collaboration with senior management and stakeholders.
• Develop full-scale project plans and associated communications documents.
• Effectively communicate project expectations to team members and stakeholders
in a timely and clear fashion.
• Estimate the resources and participants needed to achieve project goals.
• Draft and submit budget proposals, and recommend subsequent budget changes
where necessary.
• Where required, negotiate with other department managers for the acquisition of
required personnel from within the company.
• Determine and assess need for additional staff and/or consultants and make the
appropriate recruitments if necessary during project cycle.
• Set and continually manage project expectations with team members and other
• Delegate tasks and responsibilities to appropriate personnel.
• Identify and resolve issues and conflicts within the project team.
• Identify and manage project dependencies and critical path.
• Plan and schedule project timelines and milestones using appropriate tools.
• Track project milestones and deliverables.
• Develop and deliver progress reports, proposals, requirements documentation,
and presentations.
• Determine the frequency and content of status reports from the project team,
analyze results, and troubleshoot problem areas.
• Define project success criteria and disseminate them to involved parties
throughout project life cycle.
• Coach, mentor, motivate and supervise project team members and contractors,
and influence them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned
• Build, develop, and grow any business relationships vital to the success of the
• Conduct project post mortems and create a recommendations report in order to
identify successful and unsuccessful project elements.
• Develop best practices and tools for project execution and management.

3. Job title: DataBASE administrator

Department: Information Technology
Reports to: IT Manager
Authorization: Management
Job Summary

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Responsible for installation, operations and maintenance of the company’s IT databases.
  • Administers maintains and operates the oracle databases ensuring smooth operation and proactive maintenance.

3Monitor the performance of database systems and services and initiates performance and functionality improvements and proposals.
4Installation of new database software - install new versions of DBMS software, application software, and other software related to DBMS administration.
5Configuration of hardware and software with the system administrator
6Database Security administration - monitor and administer DBMS security. This involves adding and removing users, administering quotas, auditing, and checking for security problems.
7Data analysis - Analyze the data stored in the database and to make recommendations relating to performance and efficiency of that data storage. This might relate to the more effective use of indexes, enabling "Parallel Query" execution, or other DBMS specific features.
8Database design - point out potential problems, and assist the development team with special performance considerations.
9Data modeling and optimization - optimize the system layout to take the most advantage of the I/O subsystem.
10Maintain and update database documentation, including data standards, procedures and definitions for the data dictionary ('metadata');

Educational Background: University degree in Computer Science or relevant area
Post – Graduate Degree Optional
Oracle DBA certification and training is strongly recommended
Unix certification (Linux, Solaris OS) will be considered a plus

Professional Experience: Mid level DBA skills with a minimum of 3 years experience as DBA
Knowledge of 10g features.
Skills and Ability:

  • Independent problem solving; self-direction.
  • To be comfortable with all aspects of Oracle database systems administration.
  • Solid understanding of a UNIX-based operating system; understands paging and swapping, inter-process communication, devices and what device drivers do, filesystem concepts ("inode", "superblock").
  • Familiarity with fundamental networking/distributed computing environment concepts; can configure NFS and NIS, and experience in oracle database clusters, and real time systems.
  • Ability to write SQL code to develop small applications or modifications, or reporting.
  • Development experience with software development languages such as Java, HTML

4. Job title: Data networks administrator

Department: Information Technology
Reports to: IT Manager
Authorization: Management

Job Summary

Duties and responsibilities:

1.Responsible for daily operations, maintenance and management of the company’s Data Networks (LAN, MAN, WAN) according to company policies and procedures.
2.Responsible for management of Networks Division related projects.
3.Defines and/or manages projects initiated by Networks Operations Division or related to Networks Operations Division
4.Monitors and maintains the networking equipment according to operational service levels described in customer contracts or internal metrics.
5.Operates and maintains all networking infrastructure in order to guarantee continuous operation.
6.Maintains and updates the documentation related to networking infrastructure, configuration files, topologies, architectures.
7.Assists in implementing supporting policies and procedures according to the signed contracts between Tring Communications and its customers.
8.Implements network devices and infrastructure changes according to policies and procedures.
9.Enforces network devices and infrastructure release management policies and procedures.
10.Enforces network devices and infrastructure configuration management policies and procedures.
11.Enforces network devices and infrastructure availability management policies and procedures.

Educational Background: University degree in Computer science or relevant area
Post-graduate degree optional
Cisco certification (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE) strongly advised

Professional Experience: 3 or more years work experience in a relative functional area. 2 years
project management or 2 years people management experience will be an advantage.

Skills and Ability:


1.Knowledge of TCP/IP networks and associated protocols
2.Knowledge of TCP/IP routing protocols and particularly BGP, IS-IS, EIGRP, OSPF
3.Knowledge of Cisco routers and switches configuration and administration (Cisco IOS)
4.Knowledge and understanding on networks designs, WAN and LAN topologies, and architectures
5.Aptitude for learning new technical skills quickly.

5. 5. Job title: NMC Manager

Department: Network Management Center
Reports to: Head of the Fulfillment Department

Tasks and Responsibilities

1.Daily management of NMC problems (transmission system, technical, PC, network);
2.Control and quality check of work produced by the NMC team;
3.Problem evaluation and further escalation to operational teams;
4.Production of various reports (number and type of problems, time to resolve, etc)
5.Production and control of internal NMC procedures;
6.Implements core business processes and assists in process improvement initiatives in order to enhance customer service;
7.Maintains communications with customer staffs and management to ensure that service is delivered on time;
8.Recommends and/or initiates the selection and hiring of employees. Trains and evaluates employees to enhance their performance, development, and work product.

·Bachelor's degree in computer science, management information systems, or related field preferred;
·Four or more years of information systems experience;
·Experience working with customer technology and support requirements;
·Experience working with the technology industry.

·Knowledge of Network topology
·Knowledge on the CPE, ADSL and HFC Configuration
·Knowledge of the NMC Fault processes and procedures
·Sound knowledge of the Remedy application

6.6. IP Telephony Engineer (Level 3)

Department: Telephony
Reports to: Head of Department
Responsible for testing and configuring IP Telephony devices. Responsible for trobleshooting and configuring telephony platfarm accuntable for the Softswitch, E1 Gateways, Voice Mail Server, SS7 server. Available to work on two shifts.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Test and Configure Telephony Devices.
  • Update Opetational Logs.
  • Executes internal orders for changes in Telephony platform.
  • Give support to NMC (Network Mangement Center, Level 2 support)
  • Accepts and work with passion for accomplishment of Departments plans.

Qualifications: Bachelor in Computer Science or Electronics.

Experience: 1-2 Years experience in IP Networking CCNA+ Level
1 Year of experience in Telephony IP PBX, Call Center, Soft switch

Must know very good the concepts and scenarios of routing in Telephony based on different parameters like CLI, DNIS, GATEWAY and others.
Very good in depth knowledge of SIP Protocol Standard RFC3261
Able to troubleshoot and understand from SIP and Routing gateways on IP packet reading level with Wire shark /Ethereal sniffing software.
Good knowledge in T-SQL and web/desktop development programming language makes an advantage.

7.7. Job title: Unix systems administrator

Department: Information Technology
Reports to: IT Manager
Authorization: Management

Job Summary

Responsible for installation, operations and maintenance of company’s IT server infrastructure

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Designs, installs and maintains UNIX operating systems and servers along with their associated services.
  • Establishes/recommends policies on system use and services.

Educational Background: University degree in Computer Science or relevant area
Post – Graduate Degree Optional
Some UNIX training certification (Linux or Solaris) strongly advised

Professional Experience: 3or more years work experience in a relative functional area

Skills and Ability:


  • Strong inter-personal and communication skills; capable of writing purchase justifications, making presentations to an internal audience, and interacting positively with upper management.
  • Independent problem solving; self-direction.
  • To be comfortable with most aspects of UNIX systems administration; for example, configuration of mail systems, system installation and configuration, printing systems, fundamentals of security, installing third-party software.
  • A solid understanding of a UNIX-based operating system; understands paging and swapping, inter-process communication, devices and what device drivers do, file system concepts ("inode", "superblock").
  • Familiarity with fundamental networking/distributed computing environment concepts; can configure NFS and NIS, can use nslookup or dig to check information in the DNS, understands basic routing concepts.
  • Ability to write scripts in some administrative language (Tk, Perl, a shell).
  • Ability to do minimal debugging and modification of C programs.

Interested and qualified candidates should submit not later than 30 November 2009, a letter of interest, CV, and copies of supporting documents via e-mail: hr@corp.tring.al.
Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.