We help companies orientating their strategies on digital processes and on data through the completion of the services’ life cycle,
from design to analytics to the co-sourcing of the processes themselves.
We help them becoming data-driven and therefore to collect, integrate and enrich their data resources, providing them with the right business analysis tools

we are searching for Job Finalizer,Proofreader in Greek,Russian,Rumeno,Bulgarian Language

Activities related to the position
Final check on the translated files in the CAT tool
Specific checks on the translated files in the CAT tool upon indication
Insertion of corrections in the translated files in the CAT tool
Standard final checks: spell check, formatting codes and spaces, number check as defined in the assisted translation tool
(QA check integrated into the system)
Specific controls: terminological control and further uniformization checks detected through a specific program

Work tools used in performing these activities
CAT Tool (STAR ​​Transit NXT)
ApSIC Xbench
Skills and Knowledge
Knowledge of the assisted translation tool
Knowledge in English language and one of the language below( ELL, RUS, PLK, UKR, ROM, ETI, LHT, LVI)
Controls are carried out on the target language and understanding the source language can be useful in case of doubt.
Precision and attention
Language skills
Information on the operation of CAT tools (assisted translation tools) and QA (quality assurance) systems
commonly used in the translation field.
The Technical Support team in Italy provides the training and remains available to provide all the assistance needed during the performance of the activities.
We offer:
Very competitive salary
Free weekend

To schedule an appointment with the company's HR, please send your cv via e-mail: recruiting@evolutivo.it