Implementation Project Manager

What We Do
Enterprises today are strategically leveraging on demand talent to get work done. This is what Work Market refers to as the “Future of Work.” How do they find this talent? How do they verify their skills and background? How do they give them instructions and collect deliverables? How do they pay these workers and handle the (sometimes complicated) tax implications? And finally, how do they integrate this process with their existing infrastructure?
Answer: Work Market. We streamline and enhance on demand talent engagement and management so enterprises can focus on what they do best.

Our Solutions Engineering and Professional Services Team

The Professional Services team is tasked with managing technical implementation projects such as large scale integrations. The role requires coordinating efforts between IT and business teams for Work Market customers along with Solution Architects from Work Market. The technical aspect of this management process is critical - the Service Implementation Manager needs to understand the technical details of the project in order to clearly define the timelines and goals, explain the requirements to all parties, and avoid common scope creep and misalignment that can often occur when project managers do not have a technical background.
Work Market’s culture is entrepreneurial in nature, which means that most people wear many hats in their role. In this case, this means that the Service Implementation Manager will also work with the Solution Architects to help configure Work Market for example. There may also be instances where this manager could answer questions from the Sales team asking about details of how an integration project is managed in order to help with such details from prospective clients.

Required Skills

  • Extensive project management experience using tools such as Basecamp, Asana, Roadmap or others
  • Extensive experience managing technical projects from 2 weeks to 6 months in duration
  • Ability to communicate technical requirements to business managers and push back on scope creep and/or explain that changes in plans result in increased budgets or extended timelines
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

What you will do

  • Work directly with clients to confirm requirements and create project plans
  • Report to client on important updates and provide them access to our project management tools
  • Communicate client requirements/updates to Work Market Solution Architects
  • Manage budget and track utilization rates