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    High Quality AKS underground Gold Detector Long Range Gold Diamond Detector AKS 3D Metal Detector Gold Digger

    Maintenance and maintenance:
    Dirk detective, is a novel design, the instrument of work. This kind of instrument will open the door of wealth for you, help you on the top of my career. The following advice will help you to correct use and spare the good the instrument, improve the instrument was used
    1,Do not remove or modification of instrument.
    2,In the process of operation to avoid mobile phone or other metal near the instrument.
    3,Please at 0 ° c-40 ° c temperature and 10%-30% humidity environment use this instrument is the best.
    4,Use wire, needle etc metal will short circuit batteries, also will not battery with necklace metal put together, it could lead to electricity leak, overheating, burst and fire.
    5,Do not charge for more than 24 hours. Please use the 220 V. Note: new battery only through two or three times complete charge and discharge cycle to achieve the best effect.
    6,Away from the dust and dirt, they can lead to corrosion and wear parts. Regularly with wet cloth to wipe the probe to keep its appearance neat and clean like new. Not using harsh chemicals cleaning products.

    AKS Long Range Gold Metal, Diamond Detector
    Product main features:
    The strongest product kernel, intelligent modular operation
    Powerful + convenient + speed efficiency
    Easy and fast to advanced and efficient...
    Technology parameters:
    Product name: de kesa detective, metal detectors
    Search system: microcomputer CPU control and reflection conductivity
    Search range:800M
    Detecting depth:14M
    Energy:12V 1600mAh
    Launch frequency:5.6?6KHz
    Signal frequency:360?440Hz
    Detection type: gold, silver, copper, precious stones
    Charging methods: this instrument has installed rechargeable batteries, direct access charger, can charge, charges time 10-12 hours.

    Cel. : 0695532671

    Cel. : 0695532671
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