Barrister Global Services Network

Barrister is a multi- vendor company that provides Help Desk, Networking, Staffing and Technician services. Clients such as HP opens cases for their customers and sends the case to Barrister to supply a quality technician to report to site to perform the scope of work needed from that client.

Barrister has been providing services for over 35 years and provides these services through many of the largest IT companies in North America, as well as direct to commercial accounts.
Barrister manages over 15,000 certified technicians through advanced web-based systems, providing on-site service to every zip code within the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Barrister served more than 252,000 locations throughout North America this past year alone.
Today, Barrister serves large enterprises, small to medium-size businesses, government agencies, small offices, home offices and consumers.

Job brief

Dispatcher ( Technician Assignment Group)


  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Provide hands on support to operations staff to ensure team is productive andwork collaboratively with others
  • Provide support to team to ensure they deliver excellent service to ourcustomers


Build and lead execution of the following plans:

  • Contract Compliance Plan
  • Business Plan Objectives
  • Follow up on assigned tasks and duties
  • Maintain a daily book sheet/monthly calendar, to include all – Dispatcher’s Check List”, in the eventof an accident
  • Keep the Dispatch Board updated
  • Receive calls for dispatching purposes in a queue system.


  • Nurture, support and encourage operational staff
  • Read and respond to the needs of the Transportation departments, schools andparents
  • Build caring and supportive relationships
  • Interview and hire operational staff and drivers
  • Provide performance feedback
  • Mediate conflict Know how to set priorities
  • Know how to monitor performance
  • Know how to build a team
  • Know how to create and implement procedures
  • Know how to gain commitment from staff and drivers
  • Decision making that supports the company strategy
  • Delegate of tasks and follow up for completion
  • Create a team environment
  • Conduct meetings
  • Know what is important and set priorities Documentation Skills,
  • Data Entry Skills,
  • Telephone Skills,
  • Informing Others,
  • Listening, Verbal Communication,
  • Energy Level, Multi-tasking, Dependability, Emotional Control, Reporting Skills.