Trego pamjen e plotë të : Granada “à la mode”….

17.02.2012, 18:23

Mounting astonishingly in an under-development country’s economy…The first fashion shops started to blossom in Albanian market seriously at the beginning of year 2007. It was the starting point also for Ms. Granada Flaga, actually the Chief Brands Officer of many famous brands in clothing industry in Albania.

Fashionably Ms. Flaga is leading MANGO, TERRANOVA, SPRINGFIELD, ESPRIT, ETAM, CALLIOPE, GOLDEN POINT, PARFOIS, etc. Modishly named by her parents Granada, and “à la mode” working style, Ms. Flaga is for sure the rarest; almost the only profile in branding related the fashion retail in our country. I was inspired from her career and the paths she has followed up to the point that she is considered as the “fashion station”. I see her talent and taste in every girl, woman or man that wears these brands during work hours or when they go social gathering. She is everywhere with her vivid smile.

Her management strength starts from the negotiations with the brands representatives from Spain, England, Germany, Italy, etc. Not only the fashion inspiration and talent but also reading well the figures and making the business work…she is a good example of starting the things from the beginning, a good example of the career path, from the end point of a shop up to the top of the “à la mode”…

Ms. Flaga, or beautiful and wise Granada, is the best our job market can offer in the given industry. Is a referral point for new business comers in our market. Not able to avoid my personal judgment as Headhunter in this moving market, I can say that this profile is on the loveliest that I would like to deal with…

Congratulations Granada for bringing to us your style and desire, for making the business work in our problematic market, and for bringing your cream of talent in our everyday life…

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